E.D.P.A. Indoor dust direct examination

The E.D.P.A.®, or Indoor Dust Direct Examination, was developed and patented by Prof. Mario Principato, an entomologist and acarologist of the University of Perugia (http://www.marioprincipato.it/e-d-p-a/). The diagnostic efficacy of this innovative method has been tested  for twenty years in collaboration with the dermatologists of the Italian Society of Allergological Professional and Environmental Dermatology (SIDAPA) and, above all, with the specialists of the Section of Clinical, Allergological and Venereological Dermatology of the University of Perugia.

Purposes of the E. D.P.A.®:

The purposes of the E.D.P.A.®  are to know if you have an arthropod infestation in your house, which pathogens there are  and where they  are located and also to receive appropriate instructions to eliminate them. If this is your case, in fact, our Centre will advise you what to do in order to solve the environmental problem, and this inevitably will result in the resolution of your dermatological problems. The E.D.P.A.® is the only method currently available to understand how to resolve an infestation targeted, minimizing the use of insecticides in the environment where you live, leading, in most cases, to the spontaneous resolution of the pathology, avoiding the use of creams, ointments or systemic drugs and, in the worst cases, unnecessary hospitalisations.

What is the E.D.P.A.®? This examination consists in the microscopic search of the traces left by pathogenic insects and mites in confined environmental dusts. These traces are appropriately isolated, identified and evaluated under the parasitological aspects, thus identifying the causal agent of the dermatitis.

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